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What's New In My Garden
by Kathy Gardener

Last fall, I planted 16 bulbs... 12 tulips, 4 hyacinths and 4 Dutch iris. The tulip leaves came up fast and furiously last month, and each produced mulitple flowers - most had 4 flowers each. The bulbs were corally in color, some striped with a light salmon too. The hyacinths were the biggest disappointment. I was expecting long sheaths of flowers and they seem to be real duds. Only a few flowers on each stalk. Maybe I could have done something to get more flowers... I will have to research them. The Dutch iris were beautiful with 2 purple, one a brilliant yellow and one blue.

Now let me tell you about my snapdragons. I put in 4 snapdragon plants in the Fall of 2007. They didn't do a lot the first year. Some flowers but nothing impressive. I kept breaking off the dead parts of the plants and green leaves kept appearing. These little snaps have been the show piece in this Spring's front yard flower bed. There must be over 100 flowers on them and they are quite noticeable from the street. I wonder how many years you can keep snapdragons going.

Once again, the weeds are trying to take over the lawn. I weeded the front yard 2 weeks ago and had the energy to cut it. Then last weekend I only got 1/2 the back yard weeded before cutting. I will have to work on the front yard again this weekend and cut it again. I am determined to get a handle on it this year. We may be selling this house in a couple years and I know a nice lawn will help move it.
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