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A Welcome Summer Rain.
by Kathy Gardener

The first day of Summer.  Finally, finally we got a big storm.  It seemed to be brewing all afternoon.  I got home from work and decided to cut the grass, since they were calling for a chance of rain both Saturday and Sunday.  I live on a steep hill and cut with an electric mower and it expends alot of energy cutting the grass.  I usually wait for a weekend morning when I am not worn out from my day job.  But it was very nice cutting the grass last night.  The wind from the impending storm was blowing hard and felt cool on my skin as I puffed and panted and struggled with the mower.  Don't buy an electric mower until you think out how you will deal with a big electrical cord out in front of you most of the time.  It adds alot of work to the cutting having to stop and move the cord. 

Anyway, back to the storm.  Just as I was finishing the backyard, I felt a big splot of a rain drop on my shoulder.  I put my tools away and went back into the house.  Thunder began to rumble loudly.  It has done that quite a few times this year - big thunder but no rain.  My husband and I sat in our rocking chairs and watched out the windows and listened to the "music" booming outside.  I always say that God and the angels are bowling.  I said that.  Then we heard the hail start up.  We went to the patio door and saw the pellets bouncing around on the concrete.  Huge raindrops were falling with the hail.  The patio lies where two roof lines meet and the water poured through there like a river rushing down on our patio chairs.  I had to laugh.  My husband went to the front of the house and saw the hail mounding up in the front yard, suggesting that I go collect a bucket full for iced drinks.  I suggested he do it.  It rained hard for about 30 minutes, stopped. and then started again.  It made my heart skip a beat for the happiness I felt at seeing and hearing the rain.

Our area of South Carolina has been suffering from drought conditions for the past few years.  Whenever it rains, it is a blessed event.  Of course, the weather people on the local news always complain about it... man, nothing makes them happy.  That must be one miserable job!

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