fabulous living....
in south carolina!

South Carolina is a coastal state full of enchantment and charm, fascinating beauty, history and culture.
She is so easy to fall in love with, and impossible to forget.

by Kathy Gardener

On Friday, I found pentas for half price at Seven Oaks Nursery.  I have been looking for some good ones for a couple weeks, not willing to settle for just anything.  Seven Oaks had some nice red ones in 6" pots and I got two of those and one white to put in my big patio pots.  I got 4 lilac-colored ones in 4" pots and put them into a bed beside the patio.  I also bought two purple flocks.  I have always liked them.  My grandmother had hers in beds shaded by trees, but the tag said they like sun so I put them in the beds with alot of sun.

I got them all planted on Saturday morning, June 6.  Now I have to be patient and let the hummingbirds find them.

I put slug killer out on Saturday too.  Next weekend I intend to plant one zinnia plant and see how it fares.  If it stays uneaten for a week, I will put in more zinnia plants and seeds.

The forget-me-nots are doing well but they haven't bloomed yet.  Nice foliage and growing at a good rate.  The impatiens are beginning to spread out.  We have had alot of rain lately which they love.  I have them under the roof line along with the dead nettle, which has spread to 6 feet or so from one small potted plant.  Mexican heather is coming back again.  Both plants doing nicely and this is the third year for them.  Both butterfly bushes are coming out but no flowers yet. 

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