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South Carolina is a coastal state full of enchantment and charm, fascinating beauty, history and culture.
She is so easy to fall in love with, and impossible to forget.

The Heat.
by Kathy Gardener

Yes, it is hot on occasion in Columbia.  It has been at 100 degrees for several days and the weather reports are for another scorcher today.  Everyone talks about it, everyone bitches about it, but we do live in South Carolina and our state is in the South and it gets hot in the South in the summer.  There is this thing called "air conditioning" and luckily, most of us have it in our cars, in our homes, in our offices and NASCAR drivers have it in their helmets (something I just learned).  So if you play your cards right, you only have to be out in the heat when you are walking from your car to your office or to the grocery store.

You walk your dog in the morning and in the evening when it's in the low 80's; that's when you get out to water your plants too.  You learn to work around the heat and it only happens like this once or twice a summer.  So when you're considering a move to Columbia and somebody tells you how hot it can get here, consider that this is the only time of year when the weather is even remotely uncomfortable.  I'll take a few days of heat each year over months of snow shovels, tire chains, rock salt, ice, snow, freezing rain and the rest of what motivates people to come and stay... even if they have to wipe their brows once a year.

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