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Dasterdly Slugs!
by Kathy Gardener

I was all excited to see my Giant Zinnia seedlings sprouting 2 weeks ago after only planting the seeds about 5 days before.  A couple days later, every single seedling was gone... into the bellies of those nasty snurly slugs.

I took to slug slaughtering, but how can you find them all?  So today I am off to buy some slug killer at Lowes.  And now I am going to have to buy zinnia plants after I have rid the flower beds of slugs, and start over.  I was really looking forward to Giant Zinnias again, and if Lowes still has some seed packs, I will buy them and plant them too.

I did buy some impatiens at WalMart and some petunias.  I have had luck with WalMart's clearance plants.  I have been paying half price and haven't gotten a bad plant yet.  Started buying there last year.  Now to find some pentas for the hummingbirds too!

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