fabulous living....
in south carolina!

South Carolina is a coastal state full of enchantment and charm, fascinating beauty, history and culture.
She is so easy to fall in love with, and impossible to forget.

Southeastern Wildlife Show Weekend.
by Kathy Gardener

I just got back from a fun-filled weekend in my favorite city - Charleston, SC.   I was reminded again of some of the things that make people fall head over heels for this lovely place.  Subtle things that whisper "Move to Charleston" and "Never Leave".

It is a gorgeous city. I am not a world-traveler, but I have been to every major city in the southeastern United States, and to most, I have been multiple times.  There is no place quite as stunning.  The picturesque historic area on the peninsula is so, well, picturesque.  I can't put my camera down.  Every little alley or driveway invites a photographic recording - beautiful old brickwork or ironwork, or a resident's lovingly-cared-for garden where daffodils boldly open in the February sunlight.  I just can't get enough.  The waters surrounding the peninsula are broad rivers, with sailing ships, cruise ships and freighters all deftly plying the splashy sun dappled waters.

But the thing that really struck me about Charleston this weekend is the hospitality.  And I don't mean everyone bowing, saying "yes suh".  I mean the genuine care and concern the people I encountered seem to have for their customers and guests.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites on Meeting Street.  The enthusiastic front desk help couldn't have been more welcoming.  The valet who parked our car was so obliging when he realized I was nervous about having my brand new car parked by someone other than me.  He told me his name was "Logan" and showed me right where he'd park it.  I relaxed immediately.  At the manager's reception, friendly smiling staff members laughed with customers and kept asking if everything was okay as they ambitiously cleared plates and glasses. We ate at Minstral Minstral on Friday night, where the waitress was just super... knowledgeable about the French food they served, and so attentive throughout the meal.  She seemed delighted that we were enjoying the food.  The Japanese are a gracious people anyway, but they seemed especially nice at Wasabi on Church Street, where we had lunch on Saturday. 

The Southeastern Wildlife Show is a fun event that I recommend.  But I think that the people of Charleston, in the end, are its main attraction. And it's not just those folks that were lucky enough to be born there.  Something in this city evokes niceness and civility in everyone, no matter where you're from.  You find yourself wanting to be just as sweet to those you meet.  I was thinking, this must be like heaven.  You just keep meeting really nice people who don't seem like strangers, they seem more like brothers and sisters.  I was at the seafood counter of Whole Foods in Mount Pleasant.  The clerk behind the counter told me about his relocation from Asheville, NC.  He felt he had gone to heaven... he said he was vegan for 15 years until his move and now he has embraced seafood as he has embraced his whole new environment.  He absolutely loves Charleston and wishes he had moved long ago.


Order our Guide to Greater Charleston and get answers to your questions about relocating to Charleston.  But go to Charleston and mingle with the residents... then you'll know why your heart belongs here too. {back to previous}