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South Carolina is a coastal state full of enchantment and charm, fascinating beauty, history and culture.
She is so easy to fall in love with, and impossible to forget.

My Folly Beach Vacation.
by Kathy Gardener


I rented an adorable little beach house for a week in late April.  It is two streets back from the beach at Folly on West Cooper Street.  I rented it through Avocet Realty.  The three bedroom two bath home has been recently updated with new kitchen and baths and has a sprawling screened back porch with mature palms just outside, rustling away with each nice April/May breeze..

I have been to Folly Beach for beach walks many times but never stayed overnight out there.  The house on West Cooper is within walking distance of the town's commercial district, which consists of four or five old timey souvenir shops, a couple surf shops, a dozen or so eateries, bars and a few real estate offices.  There is a new fire department and city hall there too.  My husband and I walked into town most evenings we were there.  We mozied down West Cooper past new homes and old homes, and drank in the fragrance of confederate jasmine and salty beach air.  We tried three restaurants at Folly - Locklear's at the Folly Beach Fishing Pier: really good eggplant tower and fried seafood.  Taco Boy: the best guacamole in the world and a fun atmosphere.  Conch's: great service. atmosphere and salads.  The closest thing to Key West on a very small scale.  The people at Folly Beach seem very laid back, their clothing ragtag, with flip flops or barefoot, many with dogs on leashes beside them.  We wanted to mingle but every bar we entered smelled of very strong cigarette smoke, so we opted to spend our time walking the beach or streets.

The beach at Folly is wide and the sand is gray.  One evening we walked all the way around the southern end of the island until the sand gave out along the Folly River and the marsh grass wouldn't let us through.  This is the end out by Folly Beach County Park.  I love places you can get to on the beach where there are no homes, no motels... just nature.  This is one of those spots.  I remember several years ago, I walked out there one evening and watched a group of dolphins in the Folly River about 15 feet from where I stood, frolicking with each other.  I had never been so close to dolphins.  If you get there at low tide, you can walk way, way out into the surf. 


As we packed up our belongings to head back to Columbia, I was trying to think of any way to justify spending another week there. Take my advice and spend a week at Folly Beach.  You're going to love it!


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