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Celebrating everything good, fun and happy about the Greater Columbia area!  Your ad is featured amid interesting and entertaining content that appeals to local residents, visitors and newcomers - a trusted guide that is kept handy and referred to often. Publishes 3X each year- January (Spring), May (Summer) and September (Fall/Holiday). 

Fun After Fifty:

Caters to the 50+ crowd! Content includes Fun with Friends & Family, Grandparents Guide, Travel Ideas, Fit After Fifty and more. Get information on downsizing now that the kids are out of the house, as well as fun and exciting hobbies and classes to get involved in! Our Fun After Fifty guide can be picked up at several different grocery stores, including: Food Lion, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Whole Foods and Earth Fare - restaurants like Lizard's Thicket, as well as hotels, physician's offices, spas and more. Publishes 3X each year- November (Fall), March (Spring) and July (Summer).

This Week's Top 10 Things to Do!:

A weekly email that reaches approximately 60,000 inboxes every Thursday morning.  Your ad is seen by people who love and avidly read our e-newsletter, many of whom have been subscribed for 3 or 4 years.  We cover events, suggest tours and places to visit and let them know about freebies, food and fun!  Published 52X each year on Thursday (except when Thursday is a national holiday‚Ķ then it publishes on Wednesday).


A well-maintained website built to direct new home shoppers in the Greater Columbia area to info on new home builders, new neighborhoods and topics pertaining to the purchase of a spec home or a custom home. The shoppers then visit our advertisers’ pages (outbound links).


When people are moving to Greater Columbia, this is the website they visit for answers to all their questions.  Gardener Guides has been the lead provider of relocation information in the Midlands for over 25 years. Think of all the products and services you'd have to replace if you relocated to a new city.  Your ad is seen by people with many buying needs.


A digital companion to Discover Columbia Magazine.  Internet users looking for information on things to do, dining information and events easily find hugerstreet.com with Google.


Exciting guide tailored to the over 50 crowd! Day trips, Grandparent's guide, staying fit, cool gadgets for your home and more!


Columbia's restaurant openings, restaurant news, food events, interviews, more!


Holiday concerts, delicious party recipes & dishes, holiday markets & workshops, holiday decor and more!


Fresh ideas for fun, interesting, exciting and unique ways to spend time together!





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