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Charleston Resources

Credit Unions & Lenders

Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union


East Cooper Medical Center

Medical University of South Carolina
Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Holiday Inn Express - Summerville

Natural Gas

New Homes

Manor House Builders

Bambi Magraw
Kim & Keith Pruitt

Charleston County Parks & Recreation Commission
The Golf Club at Wescott Plantation

Charleston Catholic School
Porter-Gaud School

Charleston South Carolina is a Southern coastal city, located in what is known as the Lowcountry. This city of enchantment and charm, fascinating beauty, history and culture makes it easy to fall in love with and impossible to forget. Charlestonians have a deep abiding love for their fair city and are eager to tell you that it is the most wonderful place in the whole wide world!

Charleston has a great geographic location. Originally built on a peninsula of land that divides the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, the metropolitan area now sprawls into the three counties: Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester.

The Lowcountry's topography includes tidal marshes, saltwater lakes, freshwater lakes, wide-mouthed rivers, bays, coves, the Atlantic Ocean and its beaches. The natural beauty of the Greater Charleston area is manifest. Home to all types of water birds like egrets, herons, ibises, pelicans and gulls, the area also provides habitat for interesting creatures like alligators, loggerhead turtles, foxes and deer.

Many visitors, who come for vacation, return to buy a home and settle down to a remarkable lifestyle. Charleston is not only an international vacation destination; Charleston is a cosmopolitan city whose residents absolutely cherish the past and excitedly embrace the future. Today, historic downtown Charleston is a reflection of the centuries that have passed since her founding. Carriages pulled by horses and mules roll past stately antebellum homes and churches, 18th century storefronts and other historical structures that are amazingly well-preserved. Street after street presents one picturesque view after another of what life was like in early Charleston.

The economic base in Greater Charleston is formed by a successful combination of the more than $5.1 billion tourism industry, the dynamic Port of Charleston, the medical community, military installations and a diverse group of manufacturers. Charleston is poised at the brink of an economic expansion of major proportions. International companies are particularly keen to the many advantages of locating in Greater Charleston. The port facilities, the excellent and available work force, and the central location to the rest of the Southeast are a few of the reasons companies are selecting Greater Charleston for growth and expansion.

Our guide will help you get started in your move to Charleston, whether you are looking for a home for sale or an apartment for rent, trying to find the right school for your child, deciding if Mount Pleasant or Summerville would be best for you, and helping you to find the right realtor or apartment professional who can pave a smooth path for your relocation to Charleston. To read the full text of this article, please request a complimentary copy of The Guide to Greater Charleston.

Index of Links

Below you will find information and links to pertinent pages to help in your relocation to the Greater Charleston Area and surrounding areas. The following can be found on this website:
• SC Agencies
Counties & Surrounding Areas
Charleston County
            •Berkeley County
• Chambers & Visitor Bureaus

SC Agencies
State of South Carolina
SC Election Commission
     • In order to vote in South Carolina, you must be registered, at least 18 years of age on election day, a US citizen, as well as a resident of the state,  county and precinct in which you wish to vote. There is no length of residency requirement. If you move to a new county, you must reregister. If you move within the same county, you simply have to change your address. Mail-in registration forms are available at the county libraries, town and city halls or you can call your county office and they w
ill mail you a form. Registration by mail forms must be postmarked or received in the county office 30 days or more before an election. In-person registration may be made at the county voter registration office or via “motor voter” at your local department of transportation. You must register in person at least 30 days prior to an election. When registering in person, you must bring identification with your current address on it.
Department of Insurance
Department of Motor Vehicles
     • Office Locations
     • Within 45 days of moving to South Carolina, you must register your vehicle with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV).
     • Within 90 days of moving to South Carolina, you must obtain a South Carolina driver’s License
Department of Natural Resources
SC Department of Public Safety
SC Department of Revenue
SC Department of Transportation
Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging

    • Contact the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging

Counties & Surrounding Areas
• Charleston County Resources
    • Clerk of Court
    • County Council
    • Election Commission
    • Emergency Services
    • Human Resources
     Public Works
    • Recreation Commission
    • Charleston County School District

Towns/Cities in Charleston County

    • City of Charleston
        · Moving to the City of Charleston/Downtown Charleston?
    • Daniel Island
        · Moving to Daniel Island?
    • City Folly Beach
        · Moving to Folly Beach?
    • City of Isle of Palms
        · Moving to Isle of Palms?
    • Town of James Island
         · Moving to James Island?

    • Johns Island
         · Moving to Johns Island?
    • Kiawah Island
         · Moving to Kiawah Island?
    • Town of Mount Pleasant
         · Moving to Mt. Pleasant?
    • City of North Charleston
         · Moving to N. Charleston?
    • Seabrook Island
         · Moving to Seabrook Island?
    • Town of Sullivan's Island
         · Moving to Sullivan's Island?

   • West Ashley
         · Moving to West Ashley?

Berkeley County Resources
    • Clerk of Court
    • County Council
    • Human Resources
    • Berkeley County School District
    • Sheriff's Department
    • Board of Voter Registration

Towns/Cities in Berkeley County
  • City of Goose Creek
        · Moving to Goose Creek?
    • City of Hanahan
        · Moving to Hanahan?
    • Town of Moncks Corner
        · Moving to Moncks Corner?

• Dorchester County Resources
    • Clerk of Court
    • County Council
    • Economic Development
    • Human Resources
    • Planning & Zoning
    • Dorchester School District 2
    • Dorchester School District 4
    • Election & Voter Registration

Towns/Cities in Dorchester County
    • Town of Summerville
        · Moving to Summerville?

Chambers & Visitor Bureaus
Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce
Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
Charleston Area Convention & Visitor Bureau
Greater Summerville-Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce

{Natural History Museum}
Open to Public

College of Charleston's Natural
History Museum

Why we love it: The College of Charleston's Natural History Museum is now open to the public without an appointment. Visitors can enjoy the exhibits six days a week from 11am to 4pm (museum is closed on Wednesdays). The Museum is located on the second floor of the new School of Sciences and Mathematics Building
(202 Calhoun Street). Call 843-805-5507 for more info.

{Bee City}
What's All The Buzz About?

Why we love it: Bee City is a stone's throw from the beautiful Edisto River just three miles north of Givhans State Park on Hwy. 61, near Givhans, between Summerville, SC and Walterboro, SC. They focus on educating the public on the importance of honeybees. Their petting zoo consists of domestic and exotic animals, which include deer, monkeys, lemurs, wallabies, alpacas and llamas. Bee City also has a nature center that features snakes from SC as well as lizards, turtles, frogs & alligators. The gift shop contains their own locally produced honey, bee pollen, and beeswax. (}

{Capers} Island

Capers Island.

Why we love it: Although only accessible via boat, Capers Island is a beautiful place for a fall stroll. This classic and undeveloped barrier island, located about 15 miles north of Charleston, is home to so much wildlife! Large oaks, magnolias, cedars, and palmetto trees provide plenty of shade while sandpipers, loons, cormorants, pelicans, and gulls populate the shoreline. There are approximately 5 miles of trails. Dock at Capers Inlet (Marker 99 ICWW).

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